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Prices going up?

The world looks to the Pacific Northwest to supply large amounts of seafood.  Combine increased global consumer demand with the relative weakness of the dollar (compared to the Yen, Yuan, Euro) and the domestic consumer will pay increased prices.  Halibut, Black Cod and various salmon are just as likely to show up on a dinner plate in Japan as they are in a restaurant in Seattle.  The same is true for imported products like Black Tiger Prawns and Tilapia; more US dollars are needed to buy the same amount of product.  The increased cash required to import product means companies are inventorying less.  Low inventory levels can lead to aggressive price fluctuations both up and down.

Unfortunately we are in the middle of a general price upswing.  We say “general” because pockets of value exist. The best way to benefit from these pockets is not to be locked in one species or specification when a similar product will work.  Give us a shout in the office and we can help you figure out your best alternatives.

In House this Week:
–    Quileute River Coho
–    Fresh Live Red Abalone from California
–    Hook & Line Black Cod from Oregon
–    Wild Mexican Shrimp, U-12 Count

(Note – we carry hundreds and hundreds of items… sometimes we just get excited)

We are working with an independently owned farm that takes great pride and care in delivery of this Abalone.  On Tuesday morning the product will be harvested from the beaches and catch a plane to arrive at Sea-Tac in the early afternoon.  The Abalone will then be loaded into our live system and await new their homes.  Abalone are typically 3-4 inches in diameter and are truly one of the great delicacies of the seafood industry.  Take a look at product being prepped for shipment:

Red Abalone from California

Posted on October 18, 2010