Market Update

October 6th, 2010

Wild Salmon – Fresh Coho from the Columbia River and Willapa Harbor are in stock now.  The Coho are running large this year with the weight between 8-10LB.  The next Alaskan season will open October 15th for the Winter Troll King Salmon fishery.

Halibut – Halibut Season is scheduled to end on November 15th.  91% of the quota is already landed and prices are beginning to surge up.  Supply may become erratic due to early winter storms and limited fishing capacity.  If halibut is a key item the conversion to re-fresh or frozen product maybe earlier than normal.

Ground Fish – Dover Sole and Rock Fish are in good supply.

Dungeness Crab – As expected the Dungeness fishery in Blaine on Oct 6th has created a flurry of activity in the live export market.  As a result Whole Cooked Dungeness opened with strong prices.  The crabs have a high in-fill ratio and better than normal sizing.

Frozen Market – This year marked the greatest Frasier River Sockeye run in the past 100 years.  This massive amount of fish has created a nice value for consumers who want to keep eating wild throughout the winter.  Contact your sales representative for pricing on frozen sockeye in all product forms.

Market Update

October 1st, 2010

Welcome to the Northern Fish Seafood Update page.  This page is intended for general information about the seafood products Northern Fish offers.  For detailed information please contact your sales representative.

Farm Salmon is in the news again and as usual the information is confusing.  First, there is no commercially available genetically modified salmon on the market today…. And there won’t be for at least 30 months.  Second, Northern Fish has no plans to offer GMO Salmon and our suppliers are committed to supporting GMO free aquaculture.  Please read the following articles for more information:

Clarified: What does “genetically modified” salmon mean?